TV Guide

Sadaka Ya Kuku

After persuasion from her own mother, a witchdoctor hatches an evil plan to sacrifice her lover but things go wrong when a powerful force intervenes

Mazishi Saa Kumi

Mkango was killed with his wife because of wealth , later his spirit comes to hunt her.

Kubali Yaishe

Mbwende is an abusive husband to his wife , who has been warned about this behavior many times until their relatives decided to intervene.


A young boy eager to join a music group is forced to start his own group after his classmates reject him for being different.


Having tried severally to fulfill his sexual desires in vain, a young man uses a drug, Al-kasusu to boost his capabilities.

Hisia Butu

Dunia loves Sarah but admitting it to her becomes a big problem , this causes him to miss a very important person in his life.


Two men Colin and Roger one a successful businessman and another one a welding man, they enter into a stiff competition for Cathy this ends up with one of them dying.

The Untold Story

The film is about a wealthy widow who has a very beautiful daughter. However, she has many enemies of progress surrounding her.

Shinikizo La Damu

Two men contest over a pregnancy, one decided to step aside and he ends up being the biological father .

The Day Of Judgement

Jackson has been a notorious thug for many years , he wants to quit but his partner wants them finish . Haunted by the past, Jackson is ready to be a good guy.

Chiku Mchafu

A woman's life is unsettled as she suffers from insanity, costing her the good things in life. Her parents look for a permanent solution but the question is, who is responsible?


A man dies of cerebral malaria due to his children's negligence.

Dead Respect

Brian's near perfect career and life take a worrying twist when one morning he wakes up to find invisible people talking to him.

Hidden Agendas Part 1

An aunt and uncle strive to hide parental truths, only for the truth to erupt when two kids eventually meet and fall in love.

Hidden Agendas Part 2

An aunt and uncle strive to hide parental truths, only for the truth to erupt when two kids eventually meet and fall in love.

Who Is A Man

A married couple struggle in keeping their vices in check, but tragedy befalls them when a violent quarrel leads to an unexpected death.

Smart Phone

After getting a phone they long envied, a couple's relationship takes a different turn, of curiosity and distraction.

Hisia Zangu

Its a story about a young man Kombo who loves Mamu so much ,but Mamu's heart is with another guy, both of them end up being hurt.

Triangle Love

A man tries all he can to persevere with the wife his mother chose for him after many challenges at the start of their marriage. He later becomes a different man.

Shadows Of My Past

A church girl in love with a college mate asks him to wait till they get married but he rapes her. Later she realizes she's pregnant but the man's past keeps haunting him.