Your Ah-MAY-zing movie guide this month ?

06 May 2022
Here’s your guide to must-see movies this May.
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We’re breaking down the best movies to watch this May on Maisha Magic Movies. As usual, we’ve got enough to keep you and yours entertained all month long, so keep reading on to see what you shouldn’t miss on your TV screens ?

Angel (Ashiner) airing on May 1 at 12:50 EAT

Traumatized by her mother's dating choices, a young girl rebels against her mother's latest lover.


Mrs. Principal airing on May 2 at 15:55 EAT

The drama revolves around a principal's wife who reigns terror to everybody in the school despite her not being a teacher there.


Hasira airing on May 4 at 19:10 EAT

The wife struggles in this marriage and decides to go back home.


Winds of Change airing on May 5 at 19:25 EAT

After being sent from her village, a young woman struggles to find her footing in the city.


The Love Birds airing on May 8 at 15:10 EAT

Grace has never been interested in being in a relationship, she meets Jack. The two come eye-to-eye and their feelings on love become challenged.


Chizi airing on May 11 at 17:35 EAT

This happens to a person who mocks a mentally challenged thinking they are nothing only to be amazed by   how intelligent they are. 


I’m Jealous with My Wife airing on May 12 at 21:25 EAT

Kareem and his lover decide to get married, but Kareem's jealousy comes to jeopardies their new relationship and displace them from their family and neighbors.


Bargain Bride airing on May 14 at 13:45 EAT

A middle-aged man, Cornelius, is ready to marry his long-term girlfriend. The only issue that he must ensure his older sister is married first. Determined to marry, he places an advertisement in a newspaper.


Agano airing on May 15 at 21:30 EAT

A learned student comes up with an idea of a drink Alkasusu, it ends up bringing trouble to his community.


The Christmas Day airing on May 17 at 17:40 EAT

When one family can't afford a meal for Christmas, they go to a wealthier family where they discover that one may be wealthy in money but not in integrity.


Kiki and the Legend of The Tree airing on May 19 at 17:00 EAT

To avoid his nagging mother, an extroverted young man sets up a party in the forest, only to come across a mystical tree that converts him into a woman.


Nyuma Ya Pazia airing on May 21 at 9:35 EAT

After his family find out there is trouble in his marriage, a man struggles to keep his marriage together as his family tries to tear it apart.


Not Without My Love airing on May 23 at 19:00 EAT

Rony, an overly jealous man, struggles to be at peace in his long-term relationship.


Tafuna airing on May 26 at 14:05 EAT

A family falls apart when fighting for their parent's inheritance, a war caused by their elder brother who is keen to use all means to get what he thinks he deserves.


Jackie and the Genie airing on May 29 at 20:25 EAT

A young girl has a difficult life living, problems at home and school. She encounters with a Genie her life changes completely.


Malkia airing on May 31 at 8:45 EAT

A determined human rights lawyer must fight against the law and her own family when her own sister's life is threatened by her abusive husband.


The Guest Wife airing on May 31 at 14:00 EAT

After a few years abroad, a young wife returns home with a different idea of marriage and wifely duties.


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