Why we’re loving Contract Love on Maisha Magic Movies

20 February 2022
Here’s why you should add this movie to your watchlist!
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Contract Love launched on Maisha Magic Movies as the first original story that was introduced to the channel on February 14 and of course, everyone was happy to receive this movie made by us and for us.

It follows the story of Chris who has a hole in his heart and this terminal illness led to his subordinate, Tom, sending his girlfriend (Anita) to be his caretaker to earn some extra money. Upon her arrival at Chris’ house, Anita was received with cold shoulders as Chris proved stubborn about having anyone take care of him… well, except his mum.

After a couple of months, Chris and Anita spend time with each other and learn that they have similar interests like singing, playing musical instruments and this quickly makes them grow fond of each other – coupled with the fact that they both lived in the same space.

On the other hand, Chris has a company which he left in the hands of his ‘friend’ and business partner, Harry and while Chris was focused on his hospital visits and trying to survive, Harry was conniving with Tom to take sell the company and take all of Chris’ shares; thereby laying all employees off for his own greedy reasons.

Tom is hesitant to go along with Harry’s plans until one day he goes to visit Anita in Chris’ house and gets a hint that she is beginning to fall hard for the man he calls his uncle. This fuels resentment and determination to bring Chris to ruins. What broke the camel’s back and fire in Tom’s eyes was the day Harry reported to have seen Chris and Anita holding hands and being intimate… this birthed Tom’s revenge.

Of course, Anita and Chris flourished in their relationship and with the approval of Chris’ mother, it made it easy for this to quickly blossom into an engagement and then marriage between these two. Everything seemed to be going well until Chris started to show irritation, and anger issues because of his underlying illness, but there’s nothing love cannot cure right? The couple soon find their way back in each other’s arms after a brief misunderstanding and their reconciliation resulted in a pregnancy announcement. Yay! You thought?

This happiness is soon cut short after Harry visits the couple in their home to force Christ to sign off his shares and after counting to five without any move being made, Harry pulls the trigger and fast drags Anita into a widow.

What’s a good story without some good lessons to learn from it, right? Here are some lessons Contract Love taught us, as well as reasons you’d want to watch this movie over and over again.

  • You can find love in the most unlikely places

Anita and Chris’s love story is enough reason for you to stop focusing on only one direction when looking for love. Love comes at you where and when you least expect to receive this beautiful feeling, you should always keep an open mind.

  • There are few shortcuts to happiness

One of them include spending time with the one(s) you love, instead of pushing people away at the slightest discomfort. Anita paid no mind to Chris’ attitude and instead focused her attention on being there for him and reassuring him of her love for her, which helped Chris get through his recovery phase… until the tragedy happened.

  • The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies

Yes, that’s right! Chris and Harry’s friendship is all the proof you need to understand this point and while this is a sad reality, it shouldn’t stop you from finding happiness in friendships and relationships. It should only teach you to be careful and not put your guard down easily.

There you have it! Need more reasons to tune in?

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