Which Maisha Magic Movie would you recommend?

17 September 2021
The great thing is you can watch them from the comfort of your couch. Your daily entertainment is officially sorted!
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It’s important to watch a feel good, happy movie once in a while, whether it’s to cheer you up from a bad day at work or just to sprinkle some drama on a blue Friday night. Whether it’s a movie to watch when you’re in need of a good, old giggle like Mjomba Ni Mama or you’re here for all the drama in Kafiri to accompany you while you sit with a box of pizza in your pyjamas, there’s quite nothing like a good movie to lift your spirits.

Now we want to know, which of these movies would you recommend to a friend, family member or lover on certain days? It’s time to put your decision-making skills to test! Don’t worry, there’s no wrong or right answer.

What are you waiting for? Recommend a movie to a friend now ? and stay tuned to Maisha Magic Movies DStv Channel 141 for more drama-filled East African Movies.