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30 September 2021
Favourite movie genre = personality?
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The things we choose, whether consciously or sub-consciously, are related to our overall individual personality. Your personality also affects what you choose, things you spend time doing and how you entertain yourself. Think your favourite movie doesn't have anything to do with your disposition? Think again!

Don’t worry, we believe there’s more to a person than their favourite movie genre.

Drama lovers, get in here!

You are emotional, intense, and really tough. What everyone appreciates, though, is your blunt honesty. You like to start fights and have never stood up for someone other than yourself in your life.


You memorize jokes from the movies because you know they'll come in handy someday. You cannot face reality and have accepted that humour and sarcasm are the only things you can use to remain sane. Having your company is always a breath of fresh air.

Are you a lover of romance?

Just like the genre, you are quite the romantic but can be intense when it comes to the people and things you love. You are most probably single and a hopeless romantic at life. You have a strong belief in everyone finding "the one" and getting their happy endings.


You are an inspiration to others because you stand up for what you believe in and will fight for what you want. You crave adventure and variety, like traveling and meeting new, fun people.

If you were given a hundred million dollars to watch one of these movie genres only for a year, which of them would it be?

PS: if you have multiple favourites then you should probably consult a doctor immediately or perhaps, stay glued to Maisha Magic Movies DStv Channel 141 to keep your life drama-licious.


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Which of these movies are you most excited to watch?

Still Okay to Date7%
Wrong Number10%
Dial for M for Maya0%
Gamble of the Kid3%