Weekend watchlist: new movies to watch from 4 September

04 September 2021
Must-see movies that you can make your weekend all about.
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Staying in this weekend? Not to worry, we have some blockbusters to keep you entertained all through and for those looking to take a trip to the cinema, we have you covered as well.

Saturday blockbusters

Chaumbea: Airing at 3:00pm

Two young men decide to be rumour mongers destroying people's lives. Later after a few warnings, they decide to change and engage in charcoal business to earn a decent living.

Nasero: Airing at 4:55pm

Nasero endures nights of being haunted until this greatly disturbs her husband. The truth later comes out that she collected a chain that got her into the witches club.

Ani Mulalu – Showing at 8:05pm

In the struggle to look for money, a man is advised by the witch doctor to start sacrificing young children in the foundations of his buildings. Trouble follows next.

Date night Sunday

Make it a date with these movies showing this Sunday, 5 September 2021:

Ivory Trap – Airing at 5:00pm

A patriot known as Allan is forced by a rich man to destroy a forest together with animals, after his family is held hostage.

Once a Soja – Tune in at 8:30pm

A retired soldier working as a security gate man becomes a fugitive when the company car explodes while he's on duty, destroying all the goods. 

Which of these movies are you excited to see this weekend?