Tips for hosting your Maisha Magic Movies watch party

20 November 2021
Go call your friends!
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The watch party is indeed a new fad, especially since the pandemic made its grand entrance and cinemas got temporarily closed. With the introduction of new drama-filled East African movies on Maisha Magic Movies every month, it is only right that the trend of the watch party comes to your rescue. What better way to enjoy your favourite movies than with your family, friends or with bae, right? Saves you that trip to the cinema … you’re welcome!

While we look forward to a great weekend, we’ll tell you how you can throw a successful Maisha Magic Movies watch party with just a few tips. You can thank us later.  

  1. Stay connected to DStv and make sure your subscription is active, to avoid any interruptions while watching that kissing scene or that fight you’ve been anticipating between the most dramatic characters in that movie.
  2. Get a head count for your watch party and send out e-invites to your guest list.
  3. Make it a themed party! Not only does your watch party look organised, but it gets everyone excited and looking forward to it. We have some ideas for you – a PJ party, a movie premiere theme, and since it’s almost Christmas, you have plenty of Christmas themes to play around with.
  4. Food for thought … of course, people are coming over to watch movies and socialise, but what’s the best thing people can bond around with easily? Food! So, it’s important you’ve got a solid spread of appetisers, drinks, and entrees. It’s a plus if you can get a bit of what everybody likes in your watch party menu too.
  5. Big screen means big fun! And if you don’t have a big screen, you can opt for a good quality projector with a Fire TV Stick to help you easily and affordably complete a nice movie theatre set up in your home.

Cheers to a great movie watch party! Be sure to tell us all about it and the movie you watched on social media using #MMMoviesWatchParty. Enjoy!