This November on Maisha Magic Movies

07 November 2022
This November on Maisha Magic Movies

We are bringing you brand new movies this November on Maisha Magic Movies. Here is a list of what to expect.

SATURDAY 5 November
After losing the ability to pay family debt and save his home, a young graduate is forced to develop a tough mentality and find another way to raise enough funds to keep his home.

WEDNESDAY 9 November
Hustle Tu
Kevo, a carefree construction worker, has 24 hours to return the money he mistakenly took from a construction site belonging to Foreman, the corrupt, smooth-operating boss. 

WEDNESDAY 16 November
Two elderly people who were once inseparable meet again towards the end of their lives, causing hidden feelings to resurface, despite their families' disapproval.

SATURDAY 19 November
In a society where everyone has an expiration date, and the wealthy can buy more time, a family tries to keep their father alive after he suffers a health scare.

WEDNESDAY 23 November
Shattered Glass
A dying woman's tragic diagnosis challenges her to revive her marriage and life, setting her off to discover fulfilling experiences.

SATURDAY 26 November
Nimpende Nani
A 30-year-old fashion enthusiast and businesswoman is caught in the middle of a love triangle and forced to choose between her husband and her college sweetheart.

WEDNESDAY 30 November
Half Open Window

After being diagnosed with dementia, a retired photographer’s life is threatened when his children decide to send him to a retirement home. 

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