The best movies to watch this December – Maisha Magic Movies

29 November 2022
Join the home of entertainment for the best films this festive season.

SATURDAY 3 December

Three brothers are confused and scared after their parents' death when unusual things happen in their house, causing superstition and fear.

WEDNESDAY 7 December
Dola la Bahari

A noble fisherman tries to raise a dowry to get a third wife, but he finds himself facing difficulties when rival fishermen begin bomb fishing, causing the fish to disappear. 

SATURDAY 10 December

A Friday night out, full of fun and booze, takes a turn for the worse after a troubled young man and his friend give a lost lady a ride home and they soon find out that all that glitters is not gold.

WEDNESDAY 14 December

At full moon, people disappear and some are killed. One man is forced to use the ancestral voices in his dreams to discover the cause of the havoc. 

SATURDAY 17 December

After a fisherman is attacked and killed by a crocodile, his vindictive spirit stays behind to battle against a rival night runner’s antics to avenge his unjust death.

WEDNESDAY 21 December
Wife for Hire

A desperate gardener convinces his wife to go on a date with his rich boss so they can pay off their daughter's school fees. Will he get more than he bargained for?

SATURDAY 24 December

A disabled boy with dreams of playing professional football adopts the name Onyango after his idol and decides to try his chance at a football competition. 
WEDNESDAY 28 December
The Passenger

A young man tries to deliver a mysterious package to the city on a bus. But another passenger thinks he is a killer carrying a mutilated body or bomb and is determined to stop him.

SATURDAY 31 December
East Zuu

After a man is promised a better job, he gathers his community to help him raise enough money to get the job. Unbeknown to him, he is the target of an underworld cartel selling false employment opportunities.

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