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29 October 2021
Experience they say is the best teacher.
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With that in mind, we combed through the world for the most suitable tips and tricks for all our aspiring and new actors. According to Oscar, Globe, Tony and Emmy winner, Helen Mirren and the Masterclass staff, here are a few essential tips that can help you establish yourself as an industry professional:

  1. Set a schedule

 The best way to take advantage of the time between jobs and auditions is to use it to improve your skill set. Create a routine that mimics a conventional workday: start each day at a set time and devote yourself to improving different components of your craft.

  1. Network with other industry professionals

Networking within your peer group is invaluable in the entertainment industry. You should also network with aspiring directors who can potentially cast you in their next film or theatrical production.

  1. Create with your peers

 When you find a group of like-minded creatives in the entertainment industry, brainstorm ways to collaborate for free or with a small budget.

  1. Take classes

Acting is a craft that requires practise, reassessment, and fine-tuning. Taking group classes or studying with a personal acting coach can be an excellent way to hone your craft between jobs and auditions.

  1. Practise on camera

The camera exaggerates detail; what may feel like a subtle facial expression may come across as over-the-top upon scrutiny from the camera. Use your phone to record your next rehearsal, then review your on-camera acting work to better understand how your face and body language project onscreen.

Your favourite established Hollywood actors were asked, “What advice would you give new or aspiring actors?” and here’s what they had to say:

Will Smith

“You have to clear your own personal blocks. You have to be able to be vulnerable in front of anybody. You have to be comfortable looking silly; you have to be comfortable making mistakes, and you have to break the thing inside of you that doesn’t want people to see you right.”

Vivica A Fox

“My advice to any young actress starting out? Well to become a triple threat. To be able to sing, dance, act, because you never know what the role may call for, you know what I mean? You may have to do action, you may have to sing, you may have to dance, you never know. And just be true to yourself.”

The late Alan Rickman

Forget about acting … because whatever you do as an actor is cumulative. So, I say, go to art galleries, listen to music, know what’s happening on the news, in the world, and form opinions.”

With love from Maisha Magic Movies to YOU: Every actor carves their own style and unique craft, so you don’t have to mirror someone else’s art of acting, but instead, you should enjoy yours. Good luck!

Excerpts from: Masterclass and Casting Frontier.