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17 August 2021
Let’s meet Kutu’s star, Dina Ally Ramadhani!
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If you’ve seen the movie Kutu, get in here! We had a chat with Dina Ally as she briefly takes us through her journey in the acting universe and what she was up to before starring in this award-winning movie.

Maisha Magic Movies (MMM): What year did you start your acting career?

Dina Ally Ramadhani (DAR): I started my career in 2012 at Buza Dar es salaam.

MMM: In what year did you get your career break?

DAR: That was between 2014/2016

MMM: Have you always wanted to be on television?


MMM: What other movies have you featured in?

DAR: Reasons to Die (2012), Kitanda cha Maudi (2013), Hekima (2017), MATEKA (2019), Mwisho wa Hukumu (2020), Kutu (2021)

MMM: Tell us a little bit about yourself, outside of what your fans may (or may not) know about you.

DAR: I did my Primary and Secondary education in Dodoma City. I am a mother of four children, and outside of my acting career, I have a small business.

MMM: What are your hobbies?

DAR: Movies and music

If you want to see more of the amazing Dina Ally, make sure to stay glued to Maisha Magic Movies, DStv channel 141 for the best of her movies.

NOTE: Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.