Signs you’re addicted to Maisha Magic Movies

01 September 2021
We just got the report that you’re our first Maisha Magic Movies addict case. Yikes! There’s no cure for you yet.
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If you’re here, you’re probably a Maisha Magic Movies addict, but this is a safe zone, and we’re not here to judge. We all have our vices - some of us eat too much, others party too hard, and some of us stay awake countless hours watching our favourite East African movies on DStv channel 141.

It may be hard for you to truly know if you should categorize yourself as having an addiction to Maisha Magic Movies, but here are some symptoms that could help with your self-diagnosis.

Sign #1: You fall asleep with the TV remote in your hand, after warning anyone at home not to change the channel.

#Sign 2: When you wake up, you’re upset you missed a movie and quickly set a reminder for the next viewing time.

Sign #3: The pizza guy knows you by name and order. What is more fun on a Friday than watching your favourite movies with a fresh slice of pizza in one hand? Nothing. Who cares if Felix the delivery guy knows your name and loves your pyjamas?

Sign #4: Wonder why you’re so tired in the morning even though you know you stayed awake until 2am watching Maisha Magic Movies?

Sign #5: You always feel a bit ticked off when you decide to look at your phone while a movie is playing and bang, they play the most important scene.

Sign #6: You turn down all social invites. Staying in is the new going out for you.

Sign #7: You can’t talk about anything else. Every conversation starts with “Did you see…?” and the person that replies “yes” instantly becomes your new BFF. Go bestie!

Sign #8: You have your PJ’s on at 6pm on a Friday night. It’s all about the yoga pants and hoodie combo!

Sign #9: You have a crush! You become slightly obsessed with the lead actor. You’ve googled them. stalked them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Keep watching your favourite movies on Maisha Magic Movies on DStv channel 141.

Have you seen this movie though? Everyone seems to be talking about it!