New on MMMovies this October

10 October 2021
Your guide to what’s new and what’s coming to your screens in October.
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Maisha Magic Movies keeps adding new movies every month and this October is no exception. From East African classics to new releases, this month is packed with romance, drama, action, comedy, and everything in-between.

So, sit back, relax, and start watching!

Mama Sikomi – showing on October 12 at 13:30 EAT

A son endures the embarrassment of his mother sleeping around and selling drugs. His mother is always on the run, and everyone thinks the son will save his mother’s life.

Mateso Ya Zubeda – showing on October 13 at 14:00 EAT

Zubeda seeks a new start after being chased away by her uncle's hateful wife.

Buruce – showing on October 14 at 13:15

An obsession with martial arts sends a boy to China. He later comes back and decides to impart his knowledge to the community.

Mume Marika – showing on October 16 at 18:55 EAT

When mama Bora brings home a young man the age of Bora to be her husband, her children are not happy about it. They plot with their uncle to teach their mother a lesson.

Hit and Run – showing on October 17 at 22:20 EAT

A man buys a car to impress his new girlfriend. But his joy turns to frustration as the car continues to break down in the weirdest manner.

Zamora – showing on October 18 at 14:45 EAT

Zamora is a blind man whose daughter has albinism. Most villagers avoid him and mistreat his daughter. His daughter's teacher saves the both.

Omusajja Agwana Mukalega– showing on October 19 at 21:20 EAT

A girl leaves her luxurious life for a rich man because of love. Little does she know he is actually very poor.

Don’t Die – October 20 at 14:45 EAT

Amina's father mistreats a young man of Asian descent. Little did he know that the young man ended up being exceptional for Amina.

The Guardian – showing on October 22 at 19:10 EAT

Parents should be careful on who they entrust their will to. See how one greedy guardian almost took over an orphans' property.

Damage – showing on October 23 at 15:10 EAT

Martin, a university student chose to play girls for a spot. His luck soon runs out when he lands this beautiful girl Nicole and falls in love.

Doom – showing on October 24 at 7:00 EAT

When life had pushed him to the wall, one man provided the answer. The tension is high as events unfold. Fate takes its turn as lives are destroyed all in the doom.

Sikofa – showing on October 24 at 10:15 EAT

Sikola the daughter of Mwanje the wealthiest man in the village Left school and got pregnant from an absolute poor young man.

Mama – showing on October 25 at 14:00 EAT

Nasra keeps excusing her mother's bad behavior in her husband's house until her father intervenes.

Gone Baby Gone – showing on October 26 at 13:55 EAT

A lady wakes up in hospital to discover she has amnesia after suffering from trauma brought on by a recent Cesarean procedure. She does not recall being pregnant.

Graduate - showing on October 29 at 20:45 EAT

After Musis's father fails to support his son for studies, his mother fights tooth and nail to support her son in the due process the father gets jealous.

Family Matters – showing on October 30 at 18:20 EAT

Tunu's family is teared apart by her mother-in-law who wants to control everyone. Tunu's husband doesn't seem to do anything thus lets his mum destroy their marriage.

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