Must-see movies this September

01 September 2021
New month, new movies! Who else is excited?
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We’re about to dive into a drama-stacked month where every week has a highly buzzed movie that will keep you glued to your screen. You can’t afford to miss all the magic happening on Maisha Magic Movies this September as we bring you the best of East African drama on DStv channel 141.

True Calling - Showing on September 1 at 8:00pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: Shanice wrongly puts mike behind bars for six months for allegedly stealing her money despite having feelings for him. When she later finds her money in her house, she gets Mike out of prison and pursues him.

Who is the Bride? - Showing on September 2 at 8:05pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: When Luna gets deported back to the country, he did everything to return abroad. He lures three ladies into marrying them and cons them of their savings.

My Number 5 – Showing on September 3 at 7:45pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: Jackline is in a violent marriage. She tries so hard to work her business out as Priscilla, her friend and business partner, assumes her position in her company.

Ani Mulalu – Showing on September 4 at 8:05pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: In the struggle to look for money, a man is advised by the witch doctor to start sacrificing young children in the foundations of his buildings. Trouble follows next.

Million Dollar Kid – Showing on September 7 at 12:50pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: This movie revolves around a child who mistakenly gets a white man’s bag that has lots of money, a remote and a robot which in turn cause havoc.

Ivory Trap – Showing on September 9 at 4:40pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: A patriot known as Allan is forced by a rich man to destroy a forest together with animals after his family is held hostage.

Zaidi Ya Kinyonga – Showing on September 10 at 8:40pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: Fatuma seems to be unlucky in love,  when  she finds another man to get married to, she approaches the relationship differently.

Baba Abunwasi – Showing on September 13 at 6:10pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: Abunwasi and his fake life! Will he survive with his dramatic lies?

Whom should I trust? – Showing on September 17 at 3:50pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: A poor man looks for money in all ways but ends up getting help from a witchdoctor who asks him to sacrifice his only son.

NITAKUFA AU NITAFUNGWA – Showing on September 22 at 6:55pm

WHAT TO EXPECT: Viola is a married woman, but she is unfaithful to her husband who happens to be a dangerous man. Hell breaks loose when the husband decides to revenge.

Which of these movies are you excited to see? With Maisha Magic Movies, there’s no shortage of East African Movies, so sit back, relax, and have a movie-filled September!  ?