Movies to watch with bae this February on MMMovies

09 February 2022
The season of romance never fades.
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Valentine’s Day is almost here (sorry to the singletons) and while you are still looking for ideas to celebrate the day with your partner, here is a compilation of romantic movies you can watch on DStv channel 141 for an intimate and cozy binge-watching session with bae.

Simply order in your favourite cuisine and enjoy this affordable date time with your loving partner and with the ongoing pandemic, there’s no better way to stay safe and loved up. You could set up a room with fairy lights, blankets, munchies, and wine.Maisha Magic Movies is here to give you more options to spend more time with your loved one. We are here with a list of the best romantic movies to watch with bae in this month of February.

Contract Love – Showing on February 14 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Romantic drama

What to expect: After accepting a caregiving job, a young law student begins to fall for her boyfriend's uncle.

Namuddu – Showing on February 15 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Drama

What to expect: An orphaned girl fights against all odds to claim her land inheritance from her wicked stepmother.

Malkia – Showing on February 19 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Romantic drama

What to expect: A desperate mother has to free her son who is kidnapped a man obsessed with her.

Amandla – Showing on February 20 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Drama

What to expect: A determined human rights lawyer has to fight against the law and her own family when her own sister's life is threatened by her abusive husband.

Joyce’s Dream – Showing on February 22 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Drama

What to expect: After her school is permanently closed, an eleven-year-old girl becomes a self-taught farmer in order to lift herself and her family from financial struggle.

Over my Dead Body – Showing on February 23 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Dramedy

What to expect: After a successful run of raising cash by faking an illness, four friends decide to hit the jackpot by faking the death of one of their own. One thing leads to another, and they are forced to put together a fake funeral for him and that's where things take the wrong turn.

Alifu Kwa Ujiti – Showing on February 25 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Mystery drama

What to expect: An angry alcoholic man is blamed for the kidnapping of local missing virgin girls after his return home from the military. Soon, his own kid is kidnapped, and he is forced to find out the truth.

Uncle – Showing on February 28 at 15:00 EAT

Genre: Drama

What to expect: After being sexually abused by his uncle, Momburi, a thirteen year-old deaf boy, attempts to reveal the truth, only to find out that everyone chooses to be silent.

The month of love wouldn’t be complete without the best romantic movies and trust us to come through for you and bae in this month. Which movie(s) are you watching? Take a selfie with bae while watching any of these movies above on DStv channel 141 and tag us using #MMMovies. We’ll be waiting to celebrate the season of love with you. #HappyValentines!