Movie buddy red flags – Maisha Magic Movies

13 May 2022
Hold on! Is he/she worth watching a movie with?
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DStv/GOtv subscription active, snacks ready, but there’s one thing left… who’s the perfect movie buddy to enjoy this movie with?

Before you begin watching that highly anticipated movie on DStv channel 141 with somebody, be sure to look out for these red flags:

  1. The commentator:

“I bet he’s going to run away!” “Just watch, he’ll die... I SAID IT!”

Ugh! Isn’t it rather irritating watching a movie with someone that keeps a constant stream of opinions and chatter flowing through every movie scene? This brand of annoyance can be avoided if the movie you’re watching with them is one you’ve seen before, or if it’s a movie like Bargain Bride that has everyone laughing out loud, with no allowance for unnecessary comments.

  1. The loud foodie

How can someone chew popcorn so loudly? What’s it made of? Gravel? Who slurps Coke like they want to make sure they have drunk every last drop?

If someone came to mind while reading this, you know what NOT to do.

  1. The crier

This person may look tough on the outside, but will cry during every sappy, sad, or nostalgic movie, much to everyone else’s deep disgust and extreme annoyance. So, if you’re seeing a movie like Kaz, Namuddu or Contract Love, you know who NOT to call to come over. Or maybe get some extra tissues and an umbrella if you have to.

  1. The grazer

WARNING: When watching a movie with a grazer, it’s best to tell them to BYOS (bring your own snacks), to avoid them hogging the popcorn everyone else is meant to share. He or she is only there for the food and is usually unashamed to show it.

Look out! There’s a grazer on the way and your snacks need saving.

  1. The sleeper

Why did they even come? Better to let them sleep in their homes than turn your couch into their sleeping bag.

There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in another world for a couple of hours, and it’s even greater when you’re doing this with the best movie buddy, over a glass of wine and a slice of pizza.