Maisha Magic Movies fan favourites

05 November 2021
Everyone is loving it, and we bet you will too!
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Ever since these movies have been airing on DStv channel 141, the viewers have loved every bit of it and are always happy to see a repeat of them everyday of the year, if possible. We curated a list of these movies because we’re not only confident you’ll love them, but also because we don’t want you to miss out on the conversations others are having about them online.

In no particular order:

Wimbi La Bihari

Mirada's choice of a husband is compromised when her father starts taking dowry from every male around. This becomes a great confusion when Mirada doesn't know what to do.


Wife mistreats her house help who in return mistreats their child until nanny cams are put in place.

The Ruler

A king sends away his servant who is pregnant for him to save her and the unborn child. Hoping for a son, the child turns out to be a great woman ruler.


Greed for money and jealousy for love lead to regret and a painful death in this drama-packed movie.


A woman vows to never get involved in careless relationships after losing her husband to STIs. She chooses to monitor the one man that wants to marry her.

Jumba Bovu

A schoolgirl gets pregnant by her lover but choses another man to take responsibility for it. The man suffers humiliation for a crime he did not commit.


A recently married Lulu seeks an emotional companion as a means of coping with her absentee husband.

Which of these movies have you seen and which movie do you think should also be added to this list?