How many June movies do you know? – Maisha Magic Movies

29 June 2022
Take this fun poll and see.
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June has been an exciting month filled with amazing movies on Maisha Magic Movies. We sobbed hard when heart-warming moments touched our hearts and laughed until our tummies hurt at original comedies.

How many of these movies do you remember, and can you name them? Take the poll below and tell us how many movies you know.

Which movie was about a lady called Triza, whose husband suddenly starts abusing her, leading her to question their relationship? 

Which movie revolved around a cruel government official running a village with an iron fist, getting anything and everything he wants – until the villagers decide enough is enough and stage a revolt against him?

Which of these movies is about a hard-working man, mocked by all, striving to achieve respect and honour in the community? 

Which movie is about a man called Mkojani who lives with his girlfriend Madam Kas Kas who is older and richer than him? 

Which movie is about a young man who finds himself involved in robbery and kidnapping because of the girl he loves? 

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