Holiday goodies coming to Maisha Magic Movies

09 December 2021
Your movie guide this season.
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It’s that time of the year again, when new holiday movies are rolling out left and right, and of course, Maisha Magic Movies is your plug this season.

While we’ll always enjoy watching our movie regulars like Mwangaza, Flowers and Bricks, and Mateso Ya Zubeda, there are a ton of new movies and specials to get cosy with this festive season. With Maisha Magic Movies, there’s a movie for everyone!

One Blood – Showing on December 9 at 15:35

After each marrying a wife, three brothers come across unexpected challenges which leave one of their own nearly dead.

Napicha Picha – Showing on December 10 at 14:05

Zuwena gets into a relationship with a rich man with the aim of extorting him. She partners with a young photographer to take private photos that she uses to blackmail him.

Penzi La Dhiki – Showing on December 11 at 10:05

Two ladies are in frenzy to get into relationships after finishing college. Little did they know that the relationships they are getting into have consequences awaiting with hell to pay.

Prickly Roses – Showing on December 11 at 13:25

Nankya, Kezia, and Nazziwa are poor young women working at a flower farm in Uganda. They have to deal with harsh working conditions and return home to face even more hardships. Nankya fights to break the chauvinistic chain.

Dhoruba Paradiso – Showing on December 16 at 17:35

Two lovers find comfort in each other, drawn by a desire to escape their family's financial troubles. In the process, they unravel secrets that pose a threat to what they hold most dear.

Home for Christmas – Showing on December 25 at 19:25

This movie touches on the reality of drug abuse and how badly it can affect one's social and family life.

Maafa Ya Familia – Showing on December 26 at 13:15

Mitchell has a kidney problem and needs a transplant. Her mother already donated one of hers, so she reaches out to Mitchell's biological father with whom they had an agreement to never contact each other. This causes chaos.

Grade 7 Girl – showing on December 31 at 16:35

A girl fights for her right to inspire the voiceless, and justice prevails. She becomes a beacon of hope for her society.

Big screen excitement is coming to your screens this season. Which of these movies are you watching with friends and family?