Drama made us do it! – Maisha Magic Movies

04 December 2021
Until you realise it’s 2:00am and you’re still in front of the TV.

This year taught us that if you’re not hooked on East African drama, then you’re missing out in several ways. They’re addictive and amazing, and you’ll thank yourself for adding them to your movie diet.

Known for their captivating storylines and intense (even though sometimes predictable) plot twists, Maisha Magic Movies dramas can go from super sappy to incredibly heart breaking in a second. This variety is exactly what kept the viewers coming back to the channel for more this year.

Here’s a look at the #Bestof21 dramatic movies that had us spilling wine on our rugs this year:

The Ruler:

A king sends away his servant who is pregnant with his child, in an effort to save her and the child.

Nija Fupi:

A jobless man is so desperate to get a job when he meets with an old friend who employs him. He also introduces him to his unique style of getting quick wealth.


A recently married Lulu seeks an emotional companion as a means of coping with her absentee husband. 

Mume Marika:

When mama Bora brings home a young man the age of Bora to be her husband, her children are not happy about it. They plot with their uncle to teach their mother a lesson.


Nasero endures nights of being haunted until this greatly disturbs her husband. The truth later comes out that she collected a chain that got her into the witches club.


Zamora is a blind man whose daughter has albinism. Most villagers avoid him and mistreat his daughter, until his daughter's teacher saves them both.


When Bi Zuhura's husband dies, Hambali comes forward to proclaim his love for her and then Zuhura falls for him. All along, Hambali was only interested in Zuhura's inheritance from her husband.

Don’t Die

Amina's father mistreats a young man of Asian descent. Little did he know that the young man ended up being exceptional for Amina.


After the death of his wife during childbirth, a boda-boda driver struggles to raise his newborn twins and son to honor his promise to his wife.

Did your favourite movie make the list?