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14 July 2022
Jam-packed weekend on Maisha Magic Movies!
HDTV CHVersion HR Weekend


  • Kirimululu (Vortex) at 11:40am

Death can't keep Ruth from coming back from the dead to haunt those who not only robbed and conned her on a land matter, but also to avenge for her own death.

  • Last Verdict (Vortex) at 12:40pm

A teenage girl accidentally dies in his arms, and afraid for his life, Steve decides to run, leaving him vulnerable and compromising his innocence.

  • Nyaubaya at 2pm

A story about how powerful love is, two witches find themselves in love with the same man, they unfold wars that disrupts their under worlds

  • Nyota ya Bundi at 3:10pm

An evil witchdoctor plans to sacrifice her younger sibling, but a strong and mysterious stranger comes to her aid with supernatural strength

  • Penzi Langu at 4:20pm

A young man is sent on a dangerous assignment but ends up falling in love with a lady. He forgets his mission.

  • Sadaka ya Kuku at 5:25pm

After persuasion from her own mother, a witchdoctor hatches an evil plan to sacrifice her lover, but things go wrong when a powerful force intervenes

  • The Day of Judgement 6:30pm

Jackson has been a notorious thug for many years, he wants to quit but his partner wants them finish. Haunted by the past, Jackson is ready to be a good guy.

  • Dear Ear at 7:25pm

Liz is a rebellious girl, and everyone is trying to help her change, but when she starts selling drugs in school, her future is in even mor

  • My Crazy Husband at 8:20pm

Everything was great and wonderful with her husband, but when he started abusing her, Triza is challenged to answer the question of who her husband is?



  • Birthday Boy at 11:20am

This birthday boy raises finances to put up a party, but his mother gets ill and the party takes another turn than anticipated.

  • Digala at 12:30pm

A story about a man regarded as rowdy by the community whose drunk encounters makes him miss his father’s burial.

  • Double Shift (Nafrica) at 1:45pm

A troubled man meets a lover who offers wealth, and this puts trouble on his marriage.

  • Sauti ya Bibi at 3pm

A man comes from town to the village, he ignores the traditions, and nothing goes well for him, follow up this drama to find out more.

  • Shima la Kifo at 4pm

After suffering betrayal from her husband, a woman resorts to revenge killing men in her village.

  • Simba wa usiku at 5:25pm

A man travelled to a very weird village where witches hunt for human beings as their source of food, luckily one of the witches fell in love and that’s how he was rescued.

  • Sambala at 6:30pm

A story about a young girl whose desire to get rich is put on the line when she is asked to offer her lover as sacrifice.

  • Hamnazo at 6:35pm

This coule who are mentally challenged endure more barriers when their families seek to separate them.

  • Kaja na Mgoma at 8:35pm

A young man from the village goes to the city to pursue his musical career, only to find the competition in the city is more than he expected.



  • Wild Faith (Conrad) at 9:05am

An optimistic teenager goes to the city to seek a new life only to find nothing is as it seemed

  • Mwali Kilanga Part 1 at 10:40am

Having left school, this girl seeks refuge in unlike territory where her life is at risk.

  • Mwali Kilanga Part 2 at 11:58am

Having left school, this girl seeks refuge in unlike territory where her life is at risk.

  • Lala at 1:05pm

Lala is raised by her grandmother until 17 when she goes to live with her father in the city, she finds her dad searching for a wife, will they get along?

  • Urithi wa Kichawi at 2:55pm

A woman used to take advantage of men is warned by her brother to change her ways, but as rebellious as she is, she finds that old habits are hard to kill.

  • Usiku wa deni at 3:55pm

Not knowing the nature of the person he is borrowing money from a man takes a loan from a woman hell broke loose when he  couldn't pay on time.

  • Vita na marehemu at 5pm

Scared of being judged and accused of murder a young lady decides to commit subside, not knowing she was never going to be accused.

  • Abomination (New Vision) at 6pm

This lovers in college have everything going on for them. However, the two have major issues affecting their families back at home.

  • The Christmas Day at 8pm

When one family can't afford a meal for Christmas, they go to a wealthier family where they discover that one may be wealthy in money but not in integrity.

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