Bingo: Maisha Magic Movies edition

19 November 2021
Promise to shout Bingo every time you tick off an item.
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This poll article serves as your Bingo card for Maisha Magic Movies. Here, you’ll find a list of actions and items that commonly happen when we watch movies. All you have to do is select if ‘you have’ or ‘you haven’t’ done these things. Play this with a friend and make it a game to see who scores the highest point – the person who has the most ticked ‘I have’ box, is the winner. Good luck!

Bonus question: This question can be answered to determine a winner if there’s a tie. Answer carefully!

We’re rooting for you, so let us know how many points you got in this Bingo game on social media using #MMMoviesBingo. Keep watching Maisha Magic Movies on DStv channel 141 for the best East African movies!