Binge-worthy films all the way from Kenya!

22 September 2022
This weekend we have back-to-back films from Kenya for you!
MMMovies Week 05 KV27 Sept Colorful Kenyan Stories EPG CHVersion HR

Sunshine at 2:10 pm

This family movie is a touching modern urban story about the temptations of crime and the unconditional love between a son and his mother.

Actors: Eva G.N.D, Lufu Mama

Director: Karabani

Saikati at 3:50pm

This drama is about a young Maasai who has had her community plan for her future as wife to the son of the village chief, but Saikati yearns for education and independence.

Actors: Richard Harrison,Susan Wanjiku

Director: Anne Mungai

Saikati: The Enkabaani at 5:25pm

Story of a young village girl who goes beyond traditional, rigid cultural barriers to become a flying doctor.

Actors: Esther Muthee, Regina Macharia.

Director: Anne Mungai

Family Crisis Part 1 and 2 at 6:55 pm

Two families, so twisted and entangled, go head-to-head with unending drama from their respective heads to their children and their respective spouses and partners.

Actors: Grant Isingoma, Immaculate Mutebi

Director: Denis Dhikusooka Jr.