Best of 2021 weepy, heart-breaking tearjerkers on MMMovies

11 December 2021
Everyone needs a good cry every now and then.
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Whether you’re looking for a happy cry or sad cry, anticipated tears or surprise tears, Maisha Magic Movies got you covered with an all-encompassing list of weepies to accommodate your every weepy mood. 2021 gave us the saddest movies that had us hugging our tissue boxes so tight and we narrowed it down to the #BestOf2021 certified tearjerkers.

Mateso Ya Zubeda

Zubeda seeks a new start after being chased away by her uncle's hateful wife.

A young man whose girlfriend is five weeks pregnant MUST marry his elder brother's widow as a ritual for his father to be inducted as the new chief of the land.

Aibu Yangu

A man's marriage is tested by his weakness from when he was a kid. His wife feels like she has so much to endure and considers leaving him. The man's weakness puts him to shame for a while.

Flowers and Bricks

A poor but honest foreman is trying to build his small house on a plot out of town. His efforts are curtailed as his wife cheats on him


After the death of his wife during childbirth, a boda-boda driver struggles to raise his newborn twins and son in an effort to honor his promise to his wife.


Zamora is a blind man whose daughter has albinism. Most villagers avoid him and mistreat his daughter. His daughter's teacher saves the both of them.

Ivory Trap

A patriot known as Allan is forced by a rich man to destroy a forest together with animals after his family is held hostage.

Gloves with love

A couple’s marriage is tested when the husband injures himself during a boxing match and is unable to provide for his family

Kampala Afunda

Two brothers head to the city to find work but one of them gets into bad association due to peer pressure.

Prickly Roses

Nankya, Kezia and Nazziwa are poor young women working at a flower farm in Uganda. They have to deal with harsh working conditions at work and return home to face even more hardships. Nankya fights to break the chauvinistic chain.

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