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Nyimbo 10 za mapenzi za kuchezea mpenzi wako! – Kumi za Wiki

15 Februari 2021
Kwenye msimu huu wa mapenzi hamna kitu ambacho kinaweza kukusahidia kuonyesha mapenzi yako kama muziki.
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Viewers of Life Magic Bongo have helped us choose ten Bongo Flava songs that can help you tell your partner if you love him:

  1. I do - Willy Paul

This song has become the official song at weddings these days, talking about how one was ready to get married.

  1. Number one - Ray Vanny feat. Zuchu

The sounds of Zuchu and Ray Vanny went well with a song that speaks to his girlfriend for the first time in his life.

  1. Nibakishie -Nandy ft. Ali Kiba

This song is very popular, African Princess and King Kiba has given us a song to show how sweet the love was.

  1. Sugar - Zuchu

Zuchu talks about how much love he got for his girlfriend was a kiss.

  1. Infedele - Ali Kiba

               Sometimes love hurts and King Kiba sings about how love hurt him after his girlfriend became a liar.

  1. They will be waiting a lot - Rose Muhando

           Rose Muhando talks about how the love of God and His blessings help her in her life.

  1. Raha - Zuchu

The pleasure of love is something most people who are passionate about love can know and Zuchu sang this taboo to describe it.

  1. I'll wait - Jux

What are you not doing for your partner? Jux is ready to wait for him to return.

  1. Teamo - Ray Vanny

Ray Vanny sings this song softly saying in Spanish "I love you"

  1. Jeje - Diamond Platnumz

This Diamond song has a beautiful rhythm and talks about how much he loves the shape of his girlfriend.


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