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Pazia na Huba za teuliwa ndani ya tuzo za AMVCA - Maisha Magic Bongo

18 Aprili 2023
Vipindi vyetu maarufu vya #MMBPazia na #MMBHuba vyapata uteuzi kwenye tuzo za kimataifa za AMVCA.

AMVCA is an African film awards that aims to recognize and celebrate the talents of African artists. #MMBPazia has been nominated for "Best Original Drama Series" and #MMBHuba has been nominated for "Best Original Telenovela" . This is good news for us, the organizers, managers of these shows, all the main characters and fans of the Tanzanian entertainment industry. 😁

Votes will be cast by all people through the internet and the website. you can vote through   the AMVCA website  . Before voting, viewers must register using their first name, last name, year of birth, gender, location, and mobile phone number. It is important that all votes are cast before May 12th at five o'clock at night.

This is a good opportunity for viewers, fans, characters and all Tanzanians in general to join together to vote for our dramas, bring honor to the house to vote and support your favorite shows. Voting is easy and it only takes a few minutes to register. It is our hope that our Tanzanian programs will continue to have a good reputation and get more awards. Maisha Magic Bongo would like to congratulate the #MMBPazia and #MMBHuba teams for being nominated. Don't miss the new seasons of these shows, #MMBPazia every Monday to Wednesday at 1:30pm and #MMBHuba every Monday to Friday at 3pm on DStv channel 160!