The WholeWeek Wrap with Daily Maverick (20 May 2024)

20 May

Two-pot what? With just four months before it goes live, we look at the two-pot retirement system. How the local drone industry is quite literally lifting off in a big way. Then, could we face another bird flu epidemic? Why the novel H7N6 strain is cause for concern. Later – a new road safety survey calls drivers out on their bad habits. And South Africans are gatvol – so they’re fixing things themselves. But first, President Cyril Ramaphosa found his pen and the Rolls Royce of healthcare has been signed into law this past week. But not everyone is celebrating the National Health Insurance Bill. But don’t cancel your medical aid just yet… Carte Blanche Website (https://www.dstv.com/m-net/en-za/show/carte-blanche) · Chat on X (https://twitter.com/carteblanchetv) · Chat on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/carteblanchetv)
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