Batting for change

19 April

It began as a gift from father to son. Professional cricket coach, Shahied Adonis, wanted to help his boy get into one of the most prestigious but expensive schools in the Western Cape. His only means was through the sport his father loved: cricket. For two years, Adonis coached his son to become a competitive cricketer, earning him a bursary and a chance to realise his dream. For Adonis, something clicked. He realised that, through providing free cricket coaching clinics, he could help children with difficult upbringings realise their dreams, too - using cricket to reimagine a different future. And so, his program Dlala Africa took shape. In gang-ridden Manenburg on the Cape Flats, Adonis is using the gentleman’s game to make a lasting difference. Your favourite episodes are now available on Carte Blanche: The Podcast: https://linktr.ee/carteblanchetv
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