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Battle of the baddies!

24 May 2022
There’s nothing quite like a good or should we say a bad villain? Baddies, as some of us prefer to call them, have a way of keeping us entertained.
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Since we are feeling rather bad, we’ve decided to pay tribute to two female baddies from your favourite channel, Novela Magic.

The baddest Oofuni

She’s monstrous and conniving. She’s the avenger of the people of Aboh and a seductress. Her name is Oofuni, from Ajoche, and she is one of a kind. Oofuni will stop at nothing if it means getting what she wants. She has gone as far as using juju on whoever tries to get in her way.

Here to cause trouble

All eyes on our second baddie. She’s evil and persuasive, and she didn’t come in peace. Her name is Suwi, from Zuba.

Suwi doesn’t hesitate to use her physical appearance to get her way in the hierarchical set up of the Sosala home and business.

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Whether male or female, which Novela Magic baddie are you secretly drawn to?

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