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Make way for Kevin Costner

28 February 2023
Series updates.
man in cowboy hat

The acclaimed series Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner, is making its way to M-Net channel 101. Set in modern-day Montana, USA, Yellowstone follows a complicated sixth-generation family of ranchers. Starting Thursday 2 March, viewers will have the opportunity to watch seasons 1 to 5 (part 1) back-to-back, every Thursday to Saturday, with episodes airing at 21:00, 22:00, and 23:00 on each of those days.

The final season (season 5) has been split into two parts. M-Net will broadcast part one from 31 March – 6 April and will confirm the broadcast date of part two, which is still in production. To make way for this gripping series, the team has been hard at work to update the schedule with minimal disruptions. Please note the following updates:

  • The last two episodes of Evil will continue on 15 and 22 March at 22:00.
  • The last four episodes of After the Trial will continue from 2 March at 23:00.
  • So Help Me Todd, Son of a Critch, Ghosts, and The Blacklist will return in April.
  • Fire Country will return on Tuesday 21 March.
  • Dates and times for the last two episodes of Blue Bloods will be communicated.

Get a sneak peek of Yellowstone below.

Please note dates and times are subject to change.