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Why Women Kill


The Women of Why Women Kill

04 March 2020
Charming, sophisticated, determined and dark: these are the ladies of Why Women Kill.
Why Women Kill

They're dark. They're determined. They're sophisticated. They're sweet. We can't help but be drawn to the intriguing women on Why Women Kill.

The Subservient Housewife with a Dark Side
On the outside, Beth Ann appears calm, controlled and the ever sweet wife ready to faithfully fulfill her duties to her husband. But take a deeper look, and we have a calculated and smart woman who wants to take control of her of marriage that's falling apart. Beth Ann is like an onion that is revealing more and more layers.

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The Sophisticated Socialite Wife
Poised, charming and elegant are only a few words to describe the beautiful and cheeky Simone. She's often in control and dishes out some of the wittiest and funniest lines. Revenge is often on her mind and she likes indulging in a mind game or two. One thing's for sure: she will make sure nothing stands in the way of keeping up her high profile socialite status. 

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The In-Control Calculated Wife
Taylor is extremely intelligent, controlled and often level-headed. She may be in an open marriage, but it comes with very specific rules that must not be broken! It's simple: you break the rules, you face the consequences. This is one woman who believes in doing everything by the book and she has chapters that we are yet to see.

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The Misunderstood Mistress
Sweet, charming and somewhat carefree, that's April for you! She may be immersed in an affair with a married man, but that doesn't stop her from pursuing her long term dream of becoming a great singer. One thing is certain, she has already sung her way into Beth Ann's heart.

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The Sexy Seductive Lover
Jade's gorgeous, fun, daring and makes one great playmate, but there seems to be more than meets the eye with this charismatic bombshell. She's like a lost puppy who needs rescuing. Shacking up with your lovers may just lead to someone bound in shackles.

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The Nurturing Nosy Neighbour
A potty-mouthed, straight-talking woman, Sheila often gives Beth Ann great and non-conventional advice. She's a tough mamma, devoted wife and strong woman who believes in a more modern-day approach to things. Everyone needs a friend like Sheila to confide in and dish out that spice!

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The Spoilt Spunky Daughter
She's loud, spontaneous and brutally honest. The "beloved" Amy simply must have her way at all costs, something that's definitely inherited from mother dearest. This spoilt princess is bound to throw her toys if things don't go her way.

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The Wealthy Wicked Widow 
Naomi is rich and sophisticated and a caring yet controlling mother. She and Simone are gossip besties and shoulders to cry on, but betrayal does not lurk far. Just remember, if you step on this woman's toes, you're in for big trouble. 

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Which woman can you relate to? Which lady is simply your favourite? Catch Why Women Kill on Mondays at 21:00 on M-Net 101.