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Killer Secrets - Why Women Kill

22 January 2020
Perfect lies, passion, and pecan pie.
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Episode 2 of Why Women Kill had some unexpected twists and many OMG moments. Three claps for the hilarious title, I'd Like to Kill Ya, But I Just Washed My Hair. The plot thickens as these fiery wives are uncovering more truths about their spouses and themselves by the day. Let's look at some of the things that went down in the Pasadena mansion this week. 

Beth Ann Plays Buddy with the Enemy
Beth Ann's budding "friendship" with April seems to be blossoming by the day. After taking tips from  April she decides to have a makeover in hopes of impressing Rob. Much to her dismay, her plan fails. She also takes spicy advice from Sheila and surprises Rob in the shower with "shattering" results. Is this "friendship" with April going to last or blow up in our darling '60s housewife's face? Will Rob find out that his mistress and wife have gotten rather cosy? One thing is for sure, secrets have a way of surfacing, especially the deepest and darkest ones.

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Props to Beth Ann for being Sheila and keeping her cool and calm around April.

Simone "Tangos" with Tommy
After Simone finds out that best friend Naomi has known about Karl's infidelity all this time, she feels super betrayed. This results in her taking revenge by giving into young Tommy's pleas and she starts a steamy affair with him. She drops her high society standards and hooks up with him in the back of a catering van! Simone is certainly playing with fire here, but she's enjoying the burn. Will Tommy's overbearing mother find our what her bestie and little boy are up to? We can only imagine what her reaction will be!

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Props to Tommy for the effort for trying to make the back of a van look romantic.

Eli Wants In on a Slice of the Pie
Eli's excitement for a sexy night of pecan pie and a steamy hot tub session is short-lived when he realises there could be more to Taylor and Jade's relationship than expected. He now feels like a third wheel and this leads to him questioning his manhood and past. Will this arrangement cause more strain in their marriage? Is Jade just a fling or is Taylor in denial? Talk about complications. We guess this is what happens when you bring a stranger into your bed.

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Props to Eli for trying to dish up the perfect slice of pecan pie.

Get ready for more mayhem and hilarious mishaps in episode 3, I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and in High Heels next week at 21:00 on M-Net 101.