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Why Women Kill


Dressed To Kill - Why Women Kill

29 January 2020
They're always dressed for the occasion.
why women kill

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and the ladies of Why Women Kill are living up to that quote. They're smart, feisty, and ever so vengeful! We applaud the costume design in the show, that effortlessly showcases each woman's character. Let's take a look at some of the killer outfits these vixens have served us!

Welcome Home Darling!
The sweet, subservient Beth Ann undergoes a makeover with a new dress and hairdo in hopes of becoming the sexy housewife she thinks her husband wants. Poised and graceful, Beth Ann pulls off this look with flying colours, but ultimately can't steal her husband's heart. She realises that less is more and decides to dine in nothing but her birthday suit. Let's just say, make sure the curtains are always drawn if you do so too!

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"If you're not going to bother with what I'm wearing, then why should I wear anything at all."

Green with Envy
Beth Ann decides to paint the town red, or in this case "green", in her gorgeous two-piece with non-other that her husband's gorgeous and care-free mistress. After her wonderful rendezvous with the other woman, Beth Ann has a newfound confidence and ignites her old dreams of playing the piano. It's her husband who must now face the music.

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"Would it bother you if I played the piano for a bit?"

Pretty in Pink
Sophisticated, sexy, and ever so cheeky, the ravishing Simone makes heads turn in this hot little number. She's a woman who knows what she wants, simply must have her way, and seems to have her husband wrapped around her fingers. You could say Simone is the life of the party, but her party spirit is short-lived when her husband's dark secret is revealed.

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"You know me, I'm never late...for a party."

Dancing with the Devil
This elegant gold dress on our '80s vixen is simply stunning. But looks are deceiving as Simone and Karl have to pretend to the perfect couple at the charity dance. To make matters worse, Simone's young lover Tommy lurks nearby, adding more tension to the evening. Simone has to pull off some difficult moves on and off the dance floor to ensure that her secrets are safe.

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"But what good is other people's envy, if it's all based on a lie?"

Boss Lady in Black
Intelligent, headstrong, and sharped-tongued, the gorgeous Taylor is a perfect combo of beauty and brains and is often dressed for success. She gives the renovator a run for his money as she knows exactly what she wants, but soon realises her marriage also needs some fixing of its own. Can she fix things with Eli and her beautiful lover Jade? Only time will tell how this unique love triangle will pan out.

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"I may not understand construction, but I do understand contracts."

For more lies, deception, and delicious drama, tune into Why Women Kill on Mondays at 21:00 on M-Net 101.