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Why Women Kill


Dinner Talk – Why Women Kill

25 February 2020
Witticisms from Practically Lethal in Every Way.
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While Mary Poppins may be practically perfect in every way, the characters in Why Women Kill are practically lethal in every way. That's especially true when it comes to their words. Beth Ann, Simone, Taylor, and all those around them just get wittier and wittier every week…and we’re here for it! The 1984 scenes, especially the dinner party, were a particular delight this week. Check out some of our favourite verbal gems from around the table and across the decades.

Karl: If we’re fighting each other, how will we have the energy to properly hate them?

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Amy: If I make a good impression, his parents might buy us a house.
Simone: A house? As a wedding gift?
Karl: Darling, we really need to rethink those fondue forks.


Amy: Whatever you think of them, be nice.
Simone: I’m always nice.
Amy: Really nice, not bitchy nice.

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Amy: Brad’s parents are not going to buy me a house if they think I was raised by a woman who’s never had a marriage last longer than a breath mint.


Ruby: I could just listen to him talk all day long.
Simone: If you were married to him, you would.


Ruby: You know what I dream about? Grandkids.
Simone: Oh I’ve had that dream. I always wake up screaming.


Lamar: I joke about sex, not money.

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Karl: You’re surprised that the man I slept with was your hairdresser? That is the gay sex equivalent of the butler did it.


Karl: My darling, don’t you think you’ve had enough?
Simone: Of you, yes. Of Chardonnay, never.


Simone: That’s right sugar. Karl is gay. Still have a crush on him?
Brad: Your stepdad is gay?
Ruby: I thought he’s just English.

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