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Dancing with the Devil - Why Women Kill

28 January 2020
Dancing, dangerous moves, and delicious drama in episode 3 of Why Women Kill.
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This week our three fabulous feisty wives of Pasadena decided to have a night out and kick loose. Major secrets are at stake, and these devious ladies are about to learn exactly what can happen when you decide to dance with the devil! Missed episode 3? Make sure you watch it on DStv Catch Up.

Dancing with the Mistress
Beth Ann certainly has many tricks up her sleeve! She proves this when she cleverly sabotages Rob and April's date plans. This results in her having a gals' night out with April. The night is an eye-opener for Beth Ann. After hearing about April's dream to become a singer, she decides to pursue her passion for piano playing again. She even builds up the courage to tell Rob to grab his own olives for his martini! Oh, sweet Beth Ann, don't forget that the lady you're "dancing" with, may still be the enemy.

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Dancing with a Young Heart
At a charity event, Karl and Simone must keep up the appearance of a happily married couple to impress their fellow snobby socialites. They certainly know how to strut their moves and lies on the dance floor like pros. The evening goes south when young Tommy becomes aggravated with Karls's demeaning attitude towards Simone. He decides revenge is best served hot, by pouring a hot plate of food on Karls's lap. Tommy's feelings for Simone are growing by the day, and she is realising that dancing with a young heart can have severe consequences.  

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Dancing with Ex-Lovers
Eli, Taylor, and Jade's funky night out to the club becomes a bit crowded when they bump into Jade's gorgeous ex-lovers. Taylor becomes extremely jealous when the couple invites Jade for a romantic rendezvous trip to Venice. She realises how much Jade means to her, at the expense of Eli's emotions. The twist in the tale is when Eli asks Jade to move in with them permanently and make their home hers. Now, this is one dangerous dance for sure.

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