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Why Women Kill


Beautiful Deadly Lies - Why Women Kill

18 February 2020
Love can be one dark fairytale as the lies get juicier!
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Once upon a time in a Pasedena mansion....

Beth Ann is the Big Bad Wolf
What big lies you tell Beth Ann. Our darling '60s housewife seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place as she grows closer to the world's favourite mistress. Rob wants to spend more time with his wife and gets tickets to the ball game, but  Beth Ann has a game of her own. She fakes a stomach bug so she can attend April's big singing debut. Sorry Rob, it seems that April and Beth Ann's relationship is top priority right now!

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Meanwhile all the way in 1984...

Goldilocks Almost Gets Caught
Who's been sleeping in my bed? Simone shacks up with the young and naive Tommy at a neighbour's house. Her cover is almost blown when Naomi and the neighbour return home early, so she turns to good old Karl to bail her out. Let's talk about her super sneaky moves to exit the house, pretending to just be jogging by. Smart move lady, but how long can you keep this game up and lie to your best friend? In the words of the very witty Karl, "The jog is up, Simone!"

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Then in 2019...

Jack and Jill Get Groovy
The mice will play while the cat is away. While Taylor is off visiting her very opinionated sisters, Eli and Jade are left home alone to work on Eli's screenplay which ultimately leads to foreplay and getting cosy under the covers (Big sisters did warn you about this honey.) Eli doesn't confess his sins to his wife when she calls and plays it cool. We also wouldn't want to get on Taylor's bad side as things might come tumbling down after. 

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