Till Death Do Us Part – Why Women Kill

21 January 2020
The best quips from I'd Like To Kill Ya, But I Just Washed My Hair.
why women kill 1.2 taylor eli jade

Mystery and intrigue reach new heights in the second episode of Why Women Kill. What we’re loving about this show is that there are clearly murders destined to take place, but we don’t know who’s being killed and who’s doing the killing. The title and set-up so far has us believing the wives are the killers, but all the smoke and mirrors has us asking…are they really the culprits?

We also love how the show ties the three stories together through little details here and there - like in the second episode when we see pecans, bums, and showers across all three decades. And, of course, we love the humour, which is always so deliciously dark. Here are a few of our favourite quips from the latest episode.

Neighbour: “Death is cheaper than divorce.”

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Karl: “You attempt suicide with a bottle of sleeping pills and when you finally wake up they sedate you.”

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Simone: “Friends don’t feel pity, only schadenfreude.”

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Benny: “Mom! Mikey hit me!”
Sheila: “What am I? Your bodyguard? Hit him back.”

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Watch the next episode of Why Women Kill, titled I Killed Everyone He Did, but Backwards and in High Heels, on Monday 20 January at 21:00 on M-Net channel 101.