Little White Lies - Why Women Kill

03 March 2020
Quirky quips from I Found Out What the Secret to Murder Is. Friends. Best Friends.
why women kill 1.7 taylor, eli, jade

We love all the witty quips in Why Women Kill. We also really love the opening scenes of each episode, including this week’s which brought us back to 1963, 1984, and 2019 with a trio of singing ladies. They set the scene and reminded us just how far the characters are walking down the labyrinth of deception.

But back to the lines we love (the kinds with words, not the powdery ones Eli likes), check out some of our favourites from this week.

Karl: Asking for more Chardonnay is not really speaking French.

1582891057 33 why women kill 1.7 simone

Karl: Is this pastel too gay?
Simone: Have you ever seen a straight pastel?


Simone: Tell Hector you won’t sleep with him unless he does my hair for the wedding.

1582891011 33 why women kill 1.7 beth ann sheila

Beth Ann: I don’t want a drink right now.
Sheila: Oh honey, this is all for me. I find your life very stressful

Watch the next episode of Why Women Kill, titled Marriages Don't Break Up On Account Of Murder - It's Just A Symptom That Something Else Is Wrong, on Monday 9 March at 21:00 on M-Net channel 101.
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