Highly Entertaining – Why Women Kill

04 February 2020
The spiciest lines from You Had Me at Homicide.
why women kill 1.4 jade eli taylor

The mystery of who killed whom continues in Why Women Kill as does its sharp-as-a-kitchen-knife humour. Take a look at some of our favourite killer retorts from episode 4, You Had Me at Homicide.

Tommy: It’s called a Swatch. And: it’s waterproof.
Simone: Oh. So it’s safe from my tears of joy.

1580801793 33 why women kill 1.4 tommy

Simone: The food is dreadful here.
Waitress: And he’s too young for you…while we’re offering unsolicited opinions.

1580801828 33 why women kill 1.4 tommy simone

Simone: Darling, I know you’re upset, but when you drink without a glass Brad wins.

1580801877 33 why women kill 1.4 amy simone karl

Beth Ann: I hope I recognise the sensation. I’d hate to be high and miss it.

1580801909 33 why women kill 1.4 april beth ann

Watch the next episode of Why Women Kill, titled There’s No Crying in Murder, on Monday 17 February at 21:00 on M-Net channel 101.
Please note there will be no episode on Monday 10 February due to the screening of the 92nd Academy Awards.