Walker vs Walker, Texas Ranger

14 June 2022
Walker, a reboot of the classic series Walker, Texas Ranger premieres soon and there’s excitement in the air.
Walker S2 Image : 13263

Many of you have been wondering what the difference is between Walker (starring Jared Padalecki) and Walker, Texas Ranger (starring Chuck Norris). Well, wonder no more.

We suggest you put on your ranger boots and join us on this fascinating journey as we breakdown the differences between the two shows.

Easy there tiger

Walker, Texas Ranger’s Cordell has a rather violent approach, he is badass and believes in using his fist first and asking questions later.

Walker’s Cordell is however more about resolving issues without throwing punches.

Lone wolf

Even though Cordell from Walker, Taxes Ranger has associates, he doesn’t have a family. He is to an extreme extent a lone wolf.

In contrast to this, Cordell from Walker has a big family. Saying a happy family would be pushing it though.

Family orientated  

While in Walker, Texas Ranger, Cordell’s life is centred around his professional and sometimes social circle, Cordell in Walker has far too many family obligations. 

When we were first introduced to him in the first season, he was returning from a yearlong undercover mission and was reunited with his estranged family.

We can’t wait to see what Walker season 2 has in store for us.

What are you hoping to see more of on this season of Walker? Let us know in the comments!

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