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Where Are You Watching Trackers?

25 October 2019
The biggest thing is on its way. Are you ready?

Stock up on your popcorn and your wine and whatever you might usually need for a Sunday night with M-Net. Trackers is on its way and it’s no-holds barred action, drama, and suspense.

Where will you be watching? At home? With friends, family, or four-footed friends? We asked the Trackers' cast (and Mr. Meyer) where they’d be Sunday night. Here’s what they had to say.  

Trix Vivier (Flea van Jaarsveld)
“I am watching Trackers at home with my sisters, family, and friends with some champagne! The real treat is to share it with those who have walked the journey with me from beginning to end, and all of them are huge Deon Meyer fans too!”

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Sandi Schultz (Janina Mentz)
“I’ll be watching on Showmax with friends and family.”

WATCH: Sandi talks Janina.

Deon Meyer (Trackers’ author)
“I’ll be at home, watching on the big screen with my wife Marianne, and a whole flock of children and their friends.”

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Albert Maritz (Theunie Brenner)
“By die huis met liefie of in Melkbos by die huis met liefie.”

Brent Vermeulen (Barend Strachan)
“I'll be at the hostel of my school watching with my friends.”

Once the first episode is finished, we’ve still got the Sunday night movie lined up for you. This week’s feature is Widows, a heist film directed by Steve McQueen. It’s also got an amazing cast, whom we’ve spotlighted here.

Trackers runs for five weeks, after which the Sunday night movie moves back to its usual slot. For the next five weeks though, you can double up on your entertainment bill with Trackers and a movie. It’ll be totally worth your while! Just ask James.

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