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Five Things We Loved about Trackers Ep 5

26 November 2019
Five top moments from the fifth episode of Trackers.
Trackers EP 5 Top 5 Article

Please note: Contains spoilers for episode 5.

Five action-packed weeks flew by and Trackers came to an end with a bang. We’ll miss all the action, the drama, the romance, all our favourite characters, and sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for a twist and a turn.

If you’re already suffering from Trackers FOMO, then head to this page to watch highlights and behind-the-scenes videos. Missed the last episode? Watch on DStv Catch Up or Showmax.

For those who watched (or if you don’t mind spoilers), here are our top five moments from episode 5.

Lemmer’s Lines

He may be moody and broody, but there’s a sense of humour underneath Lemmer’s stony façade. It’s quite a sardonic one, but we’ll take it. After all, we’re still giggling over his water restriction quip to Inkunzi. But Lemmer really was at his quippiest in the finale, and he’ll mock himself as easily as others. When Janina wakes him up, he cracks that when he’s sleeping “apparently it’s when I’m at my most pleasant.” Moments later he just as casually pokes fun at round-bellied John: “I see we gave up the gym subscription.” But John is quick to fire back, and Lemmer takes it in his stride.

Blooming Romance

Milla and Lucas have had several moments throughout the series that established their connection, but none was quite as passionate as Lucas declaring that if Milla leaves, “it won’t change how I feel about you”. And just the fact that he trusts her so much and she’s willing to run away with him…it got us all up in our feels. What!? We’re not crying. You’re crying.

Fate Intervenes

But it just wasn’t meant to be. After all, that excitement and anticipation at the thought of Milla and Lucas running away together, and all their heartfelt moments together during the episode, the couple’s plans went up in smoke when Lucas was shot and killed. Bravo to Rolanda Marais for her stunning performance at the shock of that devastating moment.

Milla Stands Tall

Milla’s had a lot of great moments throughout the series, but none topped the moment she finally stood up to her slimy husband. She also reconciled with her son, who finally scraped together some manners…but we still think he needs a long time out in the naughty corner.

The Return

The show’s most almighty twist came right at the end when we discovered that the body in the trunk of the car did not belong to Flea…but to her cousin. Yes, Flea is very much alive! She’s sly, she’s sneaky, but boy is she smart. Will Lemmer start tracking her all over again?

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