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Five Things We Loved about Trackers Ep 4

18 November 2019
Five top moments from the fourth episode of Trackers.
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Please note: Contains spoilers for episode 4.

Trackers is racing to the finish line and the penultimate episode was full of chases and revelations and shock moments, setting up even more of these for its finale.

If you missed it, make sure you get up to speed with DStv Catch Up or Showmax. For those who’ve watched, here are our top five moments. Check them out and share yours on social media using #TrackersSA.

Under the Spotlight
Janina gave Milla a good grilling about her involvement with Becker – and that’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the PBI’s director. Milla looked nervous, but was resolute in her emphasis that she worked for no one but the PBI. We particularly loved the moment she went all Jack Bauer on Janina and uttered the immortal line: “I give you my word.”

Getting Away
Milla quickly proceeded to embrace her new role more thoroughly. After finding her apartment trashed and bugged, she went on the run. The PBI quickly got on her tail, but she eluded them all – even Quinn! Sure, she had Lucas helping her along, but it took her own guts, nerve, and smarts to snatch a cellphone, don a disguise, and then hide in plain sight. Go Milla!

It didn’t stop there for Milla, as she soon found Lucas so they could hide out…and kiss…and stuff. But the respite didn’t last long as they were soon tracked down (this show is really living up to its name) not by the PBI, but by Osman’s men (remember: Lucas has Osman’s laptop!). After one of the henchmen got an epic thwack to the face, Milla and Lucas made their escape only to run into more trouble. Lucas got a whack to the head for his troubles, but quickly gained back the upper hand, Milla got a getaway car, they got away, and it was all very exhilarating. Top marks for this moment!

Speaking of getaway cars, find out what the cast had to say about them below.

In the Forest
It couldn’t get more moody than putting broody Lemmer in this eerie forest for Flea’s illicit rendezvous. Everything about the way this scene was shot just oozed a dark and foreboding atmosphere, perfectly setting up the moment of Flea’s demise. And boy was Lemmer unhappy about it. After weeks of morose silence he finally let out all that pent-up emotion.

In the first episode, Janina made the briefest of references to her connection with Lemmer. If you picked that up – along with Lemmer’s lack of success trying to disappear – you may have anticipated this reunion. But foreseen or not, it was a glorious moment to see these two reconnect. There was an initial bout of antagonism between the two as they sniped at each other over the disaster that was the Pelindaba Report, but they quickly put past grievances aside to take a ride that we can only hope will deliver more action and surprises.

Make sure you’re watching the final episode of Trackers to find out what happens, on Sunday 25 November at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101.