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Five Things We Loved about Trackers Ep 3

11 November 2019
Five top moments from the third episode of Trackers.
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Please note: Contains spoilers for episode 3.

We’re more than halfway through Trackers and the action and suspense won’t relent…which is just what we want. But in between all the explosions and car chases this week, we also had great character moments.

Here are our top five moments from this week’s episode.

Containing the Action
The third episode picked up right where last week’s ended, turning a thrilling (and funny) confrontation between Lemmer and Inkunzi into a thrilling, fast and furious chase between Lemmer and Quinn. It went next level when they screeched into a container yard, bullets started flying, and the whole scene got lit…literally and figurately!

Cue Quinn
But it wasn’t all guns blazing and tyres screeching for Agent Quinn. Last week we saw a little of Janina’s family life, and this week we found out that Quinn has a wife and child. The push and pull between family life and work life added a layer of tenderness and tension to his character, all wonderfully played by Thapelo Mokoena.

Meeting the Americans
The moment Janina meets with the Americans was très awkward. Starting with her leaving Quinn out in the cold all the way up to David’s unexpected arrival, the scene was heaped with tension and discomfort. But Janina, like the champion she is, kept her cool despite having the rug pulled out from under her. Of course, nothing improved when she left the meeting, as antagonism mounted between her and Quinn.  

OK, OK, so we already have a car chase as one of our highlights, but the pursuit between Quinn and Lucas is so different to Quinn’s pursuit of Lemmer, that it deserves a slot of its own. Plus, the drama really escalated in this chase, because a third party became involved when Becker kidnapped Osman, who promptly collapsed, and Becker got away, and Quinn couldn’t leave him unaided, and it was just all so awesome. We got a bit carried away there, but now that we’ve collected our breath, let us pause to watch this scene again, and then move on to the final top moment for this week.

Finding Flea
We haven’t seen Flea properly since episode one, and she continued to elude Lemmer this week. He didn’t let that daunt him though, as he lived and breathed the title of the show by doing everything he could to track her down. He even stooped so low as to scrawl a threatening note. Not that it worked! Because in another epic conclusion, last week’s final shot was reversed with Lemmer now staring down the barrell of a gun.

What will Flea do with Lemmer? Find out in the penultimate episode of Trackers on Sunday 17 November at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101.
Missed episode 3? Watch it on DStv Catch Up or Showmax.