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Weekly Winners on The Wedding Bash(ers)

07 November 2017
Congratulations to the weekly winners on The Wedding Bash(ers).
wedding bashers gorenje winners

The Wedding Bash(ers) isn’t just about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Sometimes it ‘s not even about that at all, since the show celebrates all kinds of wedding traditions. One thing it is definitely all about is great prizes.

One of these is prizes from Gorenje, which are given away every week. Here are the lucky winners so far.

Episode 1: Desiree Dunn 

Episode 2: Beverly Finlayson

Episode 3: Ginna Maio

Episode 4: Yolanda Van Tricht

Episode 5: Sonia Da Costa

Episode 7: Neshrini Naidoo

How did these lucky viewers win their prizes? They watched The Wedding Bash(ers) and rated the weddings here.

Want to know what other amazing prizes are up for grabs? Find out here.

Watch The Wedding Bash(ers) every Sunday at 17:00 on #MNet101 and join the conversation on social media using #WeddingBashers.