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25 April 2018
5 reasons to watch the specials and the show.
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Before Season 2 of The Wedding Bash(ers) officially kicks off, M-Net viewers will be treated to four specials. Airing every Sunday at 18:00 from 29 April to 20 May, the specials see the tables turned on the bashers, because instead of bashing, Denise, Zavion, Zola, and Bernelee have to plan the weddings.

We were lucky enough to watch the first special before it airs this Sunday. Judging by what we saw, the four specials and the season to follow will amaze and amuse you, all while tugging at your heartstrings.

Here’s why you should be watching The Wedding Bash(ers), based on what we saw in the first special.

  1. An Unexpected Guest

The first wedding goes off without a hitch until an unexpected, and uninvited, guest disturbs the scene. The second season is bound to be just as full of surprises as the bashers attend weddings all over South Africa.

  1. The New Bashers

Speaking of the bashers, we’ve got new two pros lending their expertise to the show. Former Miss SA Bernelee Daniell is on board to judge the fashion, while chef and food stylist Zola Nene is the first and last word on all things foodie. Between Bernelee’s warm heart and Zola’s delightful, and straightforward, wit, the two new bashers are sure to keep viewers hooked.

  1. The Seasoned Bashers

We were going to say old bashers, but that’s no way to talk about Zavion and Denise, the two returning bashers from Season 1. Zavion has so much energy and passion for wedding planning, he’s up before all the rest of his fellow bashers to get the big day ready and perfect. And Denise is literally the life of any party, her boundless enthusiasm and commitment to the moment ensuring highlights and hilarity at every wedding.

  1. The Chemistry

Zavion, Denise, Siba, and Cindy gelled so well in Season 1, many were worried the chemistry wouldn’t be the same when Zola and Bernelee came on board. But the first special proved that not only is the group chemistry just as incredible as Season 1’s, but the new foursome makes an awesome wedding-planning team too.

  1. The Food

When Zola is faced with a foodie dilemma in the first special she rises to the challenge with a delicious solution. Her result is a highlight because we wanted to smash our faces into all the amazing food. We also loved the moment because of Denise’s hilarious antics around the food-laden table. Spoiler alert: there are no chicken wings.

Who is the mysterious guest? What is Zola’s foodie solution? Find out all this and more in The Wedding Bash(ers): With Love on Sunday 29 April at 18:00 on M-Net.

Wedding Bashers Season 2 starts on Sunday 3 June at 17:00 on M-Net.

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