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#WeddingBashers: The Roaring '20s a hit on social

14 May 2018
Colette and Neill's vow renewal had everyone talking
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No one seemed ready for what was about to happen last night, when the penultimate episode of ‘Wedding Bashers: With Love’ stormed onto the box. Colette and Neill, our deserving couple, left hearts broken into a million little pieces, when they shared the story of how they had lost all their possessions in the Knysa Fire, in a matter of mere minutes. Their strength and courage in the face of adversity however, inspired a legion and ultimately delivered to our Bashers a team of chearleaders, who were all rooting for an unforgettable wedding vow renewal ceremony. And "unforgettable" it was!

Bernelee made sure to whet all our appetites in the build up to go-live, via this stunning black and white picture of the ‘Awesome Foursome’, that looked like it was taken straight out of the '20s


And just like that, the flame was lit


Zola had a gargantuan problem on her hands, however


Luckily, our Food Basher made it home just in time to catch all the action.


Our deserving couple, Colette and Neill made everyone weep


Watch their story below:

But pretty soon, everyone cheered up because 1). Our Bashers stepped in to help and 2). The ‘Great Gatsby/Roaring ‘20s’ theme turned out to be everything we never thought we needed


We all couldn’t believe how incredible Colette’s dress was


And Bernelee proved why she is the queen of all things ‘style’


Denise’s rapport with the kids made everyone “Aaaaw”.


And her clumsiness made Zavion laugh


Speaking of Zavion, our Décor Basher got his (deserved) props


The kids’ Minecraft birthday cake got the ‘thumbs up’


So did the actual wedding cake


That chicken? All we're going to say is "Hmmm...Mazozisto”!


It’s safe to say people felt feelings this week - and we're so glad


Watch the final episode of Wedding Bash(ers): With Love on M-Net Channel 101, this Sunday at 18:00. Follow all things show-related on Twitter @MNet / #WeddingBashers or on the official M-Net Facebook page.