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Traditional Tamil and an all-white wedding

16 November 2017
There’s more diversity in the next episode of #WeddingBashers (Sunday 19 Nov)!
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Kitania Moonsamy and Kevin Govender

When 27-year-old Kevin took on a new job and joined a plumbing company, he had no idea that he would be marrying the boss’s daughter!

But once he met Kitania, that’s exactly what happened, and after a Valentine’s Day proposal last year, the couple are now ready to tie the knot in a traditional Tamil wedding in front of 300 wedding guests.

With the bride and groom saving a bit of their monthly salary over the past year to help with wedding costs, they will be serving a hot Indian meal of with vegetable biryani, followed by soji dessert.

With Kevin booked in for a complete hip replacement surgery, the couple’s wedding was planned quite quickly. Kitania is determined to be there for her new husband every step of the way as he heads into hospital.

Liz Mari Strydom and Ruan Meiring

24-year-old Ruan proposed to 21-year-old Liz-Mari on the beach… with a boerewors roll in one hand and the ring in the other!

Their all-white wedding at The Ferry Hotel in Gamtoos was planned almost entirely by her mother, who, despite suffering the loss of both her parents and her brother, was determined to make her daughter’s wedding special.

She also made the bride’s wedding dress, re-fashioning it from her own wedding gown, the couple’s invitations and dresses for the younger bridesmaids. Having recently recovered from not one, but two, heart attacks, she is still focussed on ensuring that the bride and groom’s big day goes well.

A mother has taken charge of planning her daughter’s all-white wedding, but will a cold front put a freeze on these plans as everyone hunts for their winter woolies? And is Zavion about to meet his biggest fan?

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