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The wedding vows that wowed social media!

13 November 2017
Renier and Billy’s woodland wedding was a real hit in the latest #WeddingBashers, but their vows elicited all the emojis!

Our first wedding involving two men – and a woman who was the priest and the best man, and the twelve bridesmaids! – was a sure-fire stunner. Set deep in the woods, with trolls and a unicorn cake, it was described the Bash(ers) as “The perfect Pinterest wedding.”

But it was the couples’ vows that brought on the tears. Here they are:

Renier: “On frigid nights I shall keep you warm. I shall be the calm in life’s storm. In darkness my love shall be an illuminating flame, even after the universe is no more. Because I know you will do this for me – and more. You are the sugar in my bitter coffee. Your embrace is like the smell of rain when it hits the rocks. Therefore I promise you that nothing on earth or anything beyond the moon will ever separate me from you.”

Billy: “Once your fingers touched my soul, the beast within me was silenced. I’ve never know peace until now. I’ve never know live eternal until you smiled. Could it be that I am blessed with a fox from above? On my knees, I lift my eyes to find yours’. My fear is defeated, my pain no more. Our souls now united – my fox, my future, my eternal.”

Watch that magical moment!

Here are some tweet reactions:

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