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The Wedding Bashers Roundup 1: Big Love, Small Town

16 October 2018
Here's our roundup of Heather and Rafal’s wedding from Season 2 Episode 1 of The Wedding Bashers.

With this season focusing on one wedding per episode, we get plenty more chance to indulge in the glorious food, fun, flowers, and fashion. Season 2 kicked off with Heather and Rafal’s splendid ceremony in the quaint little town of Wakkerstroom; and by the end of the episode we were in love with the wedding and the wonderful couple.

Here’s our roundup of Heather and Rafal’s wedding.


How perfect did Heather look in that dress which, as one Twitterer observed, “fit like a glove”? And the men looked equally dashing in their shades of blue. With the male guests instructed to observe the same colour code, and the women to appear in shades of pastel, the whole effect was very pleasing to the eye. And let’s not forget our Croc-less squad of Bashers, who looked stunning as well!


Did we hear right? Zavion thought the décor was practically perfect? From the carefully considered lighting and the abundance of real flowers to the absence of organza and the colour-coordinated blankets, Zavion was “in love!” The only thing he could fault was that the oases were visible. If it were us, we’d have been way too busy staring at the delicious food on our plates to notice.


Speaking of food, this was Zola’s first food bashing. Luckily, she started the season with a very good impression. We were so ready to smash that soup and eat up all the brandy-snapped malva puddings ourselves. Alas, we were at home and had to make do with our glass of wine…cough, cough…we mean coffee.


While Zola and Zavion indulged in dessert, the forever young Ms. Zimba partied it up on the dance floor. With live music, tequila, and dancing, we would have been torn between eating sugary goodness with Zavion and Zola, and sharing shots with Denise.

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WATCH: The Bashers’ 90-second roundup of the wedding.

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